Moments and Possibilities

Moments into possibilities
This will linger
~David Levithan
If there’s one things I’ve learnt this past year, it’s that life will surprise you. Even when you’re expecting a surprise, it’ll be so different from what you were expecting that it wouldn’t cease to be a surprise. Another thing I’ve learnt as the year was closing off, always flowing against tha current isn’t favorable. Sometimes you need to let go and let things take you with their flow.
The trick is to find the balance between fighting for what you want, and letting go what isn’t meant for you.
I think possibilities lie everywhere, from the tiny drop of dew that plopped onto you head from a leaf this morning, to the vast ocean lapping at the shore, day and night, no matter what. If there’s an idea that exists in the world, there are believers of it somewhere. The idea of parallel universes, dimensions, and time travel intrigue me, these are things people would wave off as science fiction.
Then there are possibilities of things happening in your life, of you doing the one thing you have always wanted to, ending up on a beach on a different continent, where you’d have the salty air invading your lungs, making you miss the lemonade you used to drink at home after a tiring session of cricket in your street. I don’t know what possibilities you imagine, but I hope you know there are thousands of them, floating in a realm, waiting for them to happen. Possibilities you wouldn’t believe if you got to know them right now.
When it gets tough, on some days, the thought of possibilities of things I can’t yet imagine keeps me breathing. I never know, maybe I’ll find myself in a bed and breakfast in Scotland someday thinking about how I was having a rough day and thought of this. I could be drinking coffee in a foreign city, talking to a stranger who’d turn into a dear friend, reminiscing of the friends I have today. Who knows? I’ll tell you. No one. And somehow, that’s a good thing. That means you don’t know what good things are coming your way, and this way you get to give your future, the benefit of doubt.
When you come to think of it each year feels so long, but when you think of time in retrospect, moments are long. Moments linger. And they are brimming with possibilities..