Stars and thoughts

Sitting on a stone bench with the cool wind ruffling my thoughts, my shoes perched on the armrest, I’m gazing at the stars. This is more of a journal entry than a public post, but anyway, here goes.
The citylights are twinkling, fading in and out, just like the mosaic of thoughts in my mind.
Two weeks gone, this year does feel different. I was talking to my cousin about the accomplishments of our lives, and that put things in perspective for me. I can’t really fathom how it’s possible for things, people and situations to seem so insignificant and significant at once.

I’m listening to Lost Stars, the Keira Knightley version.
“Woe is me. If we’re not careful turns into reality.”

I try to picture my life often, how I want the future to look like. Up until last year, everything came to me picture perfect with details, now it’s all a hazy blur. But the blur doesn’t feel wrong, or confusing. The colours are a bit faded, the voices are soft and indecipherable. It feels like getting lost inside a story.

I hear a dog howling, it would’ve spooked me a little, but it doesn’t anymore. The only thing I’m scared of anymore, is humans.

I’m on a family vacation, and everyone is in their rooms. Having tea, I imagine. And here I am, alone, looking at the stars. This feels peaceful. The cool breeze of desert winters, the sky full of stars, a city twinkling below me.

Vacation ends tomorrow, but I’m actually looking forward to going back home. Going back to college. The thought of travelling for tomorrow is tiring me already. But after all those hours on wheels, then in the air, and then back on wheels would end up with me reaching home, so it’s all good.
Au revoir for now.


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