Cold Winter Mornings

I remember how the birds sang when it was five in the morning and the stars were still visible.

I remember when I tiptoed out, trying to be as light on my feet as humanly possible.

I remember how the chill of winter seeped through my sweater onto my shivering skin.

I remember how my pet barked and the sound echoed into the dewy dawn.

I remember how my eyes adjusted to the dark, and my skin to the cold.

I remember when my feet on the gravel made me cringe.

I remember how the warmth of my blanket seemed like welcoming arms.

I remember running up to the terrace

I remember seeing the sun paint the sky with the color of beginnings.

I remember the day I snuck out to see the sunrise.

I remember what it felt like to be ten

I remember what it feels like to be mesmerized by the beauty.

I remember, because these winter mornings, I still am.


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