Struggles of A Coffee Addled Writer and some potential Answers 

If you want to be a writer and you’re struggling with the hows and whys, I can’t promise you that I can solve all your problems, but I can share my experience and give you company while we sit surrounded by imaginary sheets of paper scribbled on with some half formed thoughts. I can help you gather those sheets of paper, stack them up neatly, get a beverage of your choice and sit down to talk about something we both love : writing. 
Is writing as easy as some people make it out to be? Do the words just flow onto the paper, and is it something I lack that I can’t make that happen? 

  • No. It’s not something you lack, and it’s not that easy. It can be, sometimes, when the words are coming straight from your heart. But if we talk about the craft of writing, I’m pretty sure it’s a struggle for even the best authors. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while writing. You love it, after all, don’t you? And doing something you love is supposed to bring you joy. Have fun with writing, jot down anything that comes to your mind, it’s a gold mine for getting all the great ideas. Just know that to make it better, you’ll have to come back and work on it. 

What’s the most important things for me to know about writing as a beginner? 

  • It takes hard work. People romanticize writing as something that is all dreamy and perfect. No sir, that’s not the case. It’s something that requires long hours of hard work, sometimes days, weeks of frustration and anger oozing out, instead of creativity and ideas, but the important thing is, if you’re willing to survive all that and still strive, you may have something worthwhile waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. 

How do I begin the writing process? 

  • If you ask 10 writers the same question, most probably all will answer differently. The catch is, no one would be wrong. What it takes to begin the writing process, is a matter of discussion. Some might say, an idea. Some might say, imagination. My answer is, the willingness to write. If you set pen to paper (fingers to your keyboard) and start pouring your thoughts onto it, I am quite confident that something in there is the idea you’ve been looking for. Freewriting is something a lot of writing coaches recommend, because it helps clear your mind, and forces your brain to make your jumbled ideas into comprehensible ones. For those who don’t know, Freewriting is writing without thinking about what you’re writing. No plan, itor outline whatsoever, it gradually turns into something subconscious and helps in tapping into your inner creativity. 

What if you feel you don’t have the talent, or the consistency needed to be a good writer? 

  • When it comes to talent, people who have it are lucky but it isn’t necessary. Consistency, on the other hand is. Some days you won’t have the energy to pick yourself up and write, but you’ll have to do it. I’m sorry there’s no way around this, if there was, I’d be glad to let you know. And since we’re talking about self doubt, let me tell you that sometimes when I’m reading writing advice and making notes for my story, I feel like I’m a little kid in the middle of the swimming pool with floaters on my arms, my head is above the water, I’m doing something, but I feel lost too. I wonder if everyone else has a much better understanding of these themes and I’m the only clueless one grabbing onto something I can’t see. But then I remind myself that this is what I want to do, no matter what. If I’m clueless, I’ll learn the way soon enough, I won’t cease trying. 

What do I write about when I can’t think of any ideas and the prompt aren’t working? 

  • There’s a chapter in Writing down the bones called Obsessions where Natalie tells us how every one of us have things we are obsessed with, things we try to find in stories we read. Make a list of those things (I made a Pinterest board instead), and give in to writing about them. I, personally am love with the idea of love, how humans can help each other heal, romantic dates, friends who make each other laugh, the smell of old books, the smell of new books, and a lot many things. With the list in front of you, I’m sure you will be able to conjure up an idea which will include some of those things, and the best part is that you’ll be excited to write it, after all you love those things. 

Now take up a blank paper, and start pouring your heart out. 


I hope this blog post was helpful, and if not that, I hope it was mildly entertaining. My awesome writer friends Jessica and Lizzie gave me two of those questions. On that note, Lizzie has just started a blog, it’d be nice if now pay her a visit. Click on her name to see her cute little blog. 

Thanks a lot for reading, comment any topics you want me to blog about. 🙂 


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