All about Writing

Before you think things have gone stale here. Oh well, that’s a ship I couldn’t save, but I’m back again and let’s hope this little blog keeps up and running. This post is supposed to be all about writing since Camp NaNo is almost here! I’m really really excited because I’m finally going to write a novel in a genre I love: YA Realistic Fiction. 

There’s this writing challenge on instgram called #writerslifeigjune, I’ll be using a few prompts from it for this post. So, the first is WIP synopsis:

The theme of the story is going to be healing, because I figured a lot of people in the world deal with it, and I want my stories to help people, even one counts. It’s going to be in first person and the protagonist is going to be a girl of 17 who comes almost unscathed from an accident which damaged her friend’s leg, possibly permanently. But since the accident, she refuses to speak and barely shows any emotions. After trying everything her parents could think of, they send her to her aunt’s, to a quiet town where they hope she’ll feel less pressurized. Things happen in that town, but not exactly what her parents presumed.

Okay, no more details, you’ll have to read the story to find out more. 😉

Title Chapters or no: Well, honestly I don’t like titled chapters much, I prefer numbering them. Maybe Roman numbers would be cooler?

Current read: Writing down the bones by Natalie Goldberg, but not cover to cover. Infact, I’ve asked my friends Rachel (@racheliswriting on Instagram) to pick up some random chapters for me so I can read them.

Fighting Writer’s Block: Writing anything helps. Even if it’s lyrics of some song that has been stuck in my head or a new song that I heard yesterday. It could be writing poetry or some random words that don’t even string together as a sentence. I think all we have to do, is write.


Thanks for reading, leave me some feedback!





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