Summer ’17 Bucket List

Hey there,

Since summer is here, everyone has some plans, whether it’s traveling, or reading in the comfort of your own home. Mine would begin after 2nd June since that is when I’ll be done with my semester, but the excitement refuses to wait. Here’s my bucketlist:


#1 Pick wildflowers


#2 Make a beverage I haven’t before


#3 Watch Full House, Silicon Valley, Gotham, Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars and a lot of movies


#4 Write a novella/novel


#5 Write and publish the story I’m writing with Tanya (Click on her name to check out her wonderful blog)


#6 Read atleast 10 books (especially Sarah J Mass’s books)


#7 Practice photography

#8 Read about some topics I’ve been curious about, like Greek Mythology. (I have a list)


#9 Learn basic sewing

#10 Post letters and not tell the people about them 😉


#11 Journal A LOT


#12 Get back to painting and sketching


#13 Update my blog regularly

#14 Make a rollercoaster with my boyfriend. I have no idea how. He says he’ll show me.

#15 Sit back and enjoy the holidays

Thanks for reading. Let me know about your plans for the summer in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Summer ’17 Bucket List

  1. puppapages says:

    You’ve got a lovely summer ahead of you! I’ll be travelling to Austria on my own for the first time – arghhh! Once I’m there it will be full of reading and writing and happiness but I just need to get over the fear first.
    Also, you have to blog about that rollercoaster! I’m intrigued, ahah.


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