My Favourite POV

When I write, the only POV(Point of View) that flows for me is the first person. That probably happens because I’ve been journaling for years and am used to the writing style. Moreover, some of my favorite books are in the first person, like The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. A great book in the genre of historical fiction is The Second Empress by Michelle Morgan. It switches between the POVs of the main characters, but it remains in the first person. It’s about Napolean’s second wife, and the fiction part of it is just that the author took the creative liberty of tinkering with a few dates.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t like other POVs because I liked the third person POV in Eleanor and Park, and of course, Harry Potter. Both of them have third person POV (Limited Omniscient). The limited part of it helps in maintaining the suspense, which I like about it.

I tried writing a short story in the third person, but as soon as I let my mind wander off with the story and started writing subconsciously, it switched back to the first person, which is why for further endeavors, I’ve decided to mostly stick to first person POV.

My NaNo novel, “Slipped Into Oblivion”, is first person POV, which switches between the two protagonists. Though I have found myself giving more content to the female protagonist because I feel natural in writing through that POV. But I’ve promised myself to fix that and another million things when I get to revise and edit my manuscript.

P.S. The books I’ve mentioned above are worth reading, make sure you add them to your TBR list if you haven’t already.

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