A Day In My Life

Prompt: A day in the life of a writer

If this prompt had been for yesterday or any other weekday, my life would’ve sounded more eventful and productive, but oh well. Anyway, here it goes.

My day started with being woken up from a nightmare by my boyfriend’s call, which I’m thankful for because the serial killer was about to catch me and I really didn’t want to know what would’ve happened. Ritwick (my boyfriend) forgot that I don’t have classes on Saturdays and sounded surprised when he heard my sleepy voice because it was five minutes to ten and I was still asleep, even though my classes begin at ten. He had an exam today, so I wished him luck before he went. (If you’re interested, you can visit his website here)

I tried sleeping again, but I couldn’t, so I got off the bed and made myself a cup of coffee. My brother made me some scrambled eggs, which I ate while reading Emma on my kindle. I love both kindle and paperbacks, but kindle comes in so handy when I’m eating because even a clean pinky works for turning the pages. Also, it’s very convenient while traveling.

I read a lot and took naps I didn’t need today, it was a very unproductive day. But I read some poetry and counted it as something productive because I’m supposed to complete a list of suggested readings and it has a lot of poetry in it.

All day I kept thinking that I should write in my journal, but didn’t. Looked up a word in the thesaurus for the poem I’m working on, though. I also listened to Ed Sheeran’s new songs. I’m loving “Dive”, currently. Listen to it:


This blog post is part of a tag #writerslifeigmar on Instagram, started by the wonderful Olivia(made to write), visit her profile here.



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