Works in Progress

I love writing, it’s what I can imagine myself doing every day and still not getting bored, but when it comes to the physical act of sitting down and writing, I am a major procrastinator. When I start writing regularly, it flows, but initiating that flow is the hardest part.

Right now I am writing, even though my subconscious keeps telling me that I need to start working on my first draft of “Slipped Into Oblivion”, my NaNo novel. If I thought that writing was hard, editing and revising are just herculean tasks that I somehow have to do. In January, I arranged my scenes into a somewhat chronological order. because it was all mixed up and chaotic. During NaNoWriMo, the sole motive every day was just to get to the designated word count, and it took all I had to sit down with my laptop and tap away on the keyboard till the word count showed a satisfactory number.

My friends, Shreya, Himani, and Ifla came to my hometown, a few days ago and we had a great time. Ifla clicked a really good photograph(surprise) of me, and it has fueled an idea for a poem in my head, which I intend to write this weekend. If you’re curious about it, get back on my blog in a day or two and you’ll find it.


This blog post is part of a tag #writerslifeigmar on Instagram, started by the wonderful Olivia(made to write), visit her profile here.


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4 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. Tanya says:

    I want to see those pictures. And P write that poem ASAP. I WANT TO READ IT. Also edit your novel I want to read that too. I sound so greedy. 😂 Okay now byee. ❤️


    • wordsandsmiles says:

      I’ll send you the pictures and I’ll start working on the poem right now *salute*
      The novel, on the other hand, won’t be ready for long, but you’re my self assigned beta reader, as soon as you get free from your exams. 😉


  2. Breanna Catharina says:

    I love to write. It is my passion in life. But my god… is it a chore to actually sit down and start writing. You’d think it would be easy, but shifting your brain into the writing mode is difficult. I’m always in the mood to write when I can’t sit down to write.

    Breanna Catharina


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