Quote for the Month

Enjoy the little things


From writing to college, I hope I’ll be able to follow this useful piece of advice. I think I do appreciate the little things most of the time and make a note in my mind, saying “If I had a gratitude journal, I’d definitely write this.” I like the perfect cup of coffee I get in my college, the mild winter sun, a cancelled lecture and the list goes on. But there’s always scope for more gratitude, right?

Since the tag under which I’m writing this blog post is about life as a writer, let’s move onto writing. Enjoying the little things here, for me, means celebrating little accomplishments. Whether it’s writing the first draft of a short story, or jotting down the idea of a poem, there’s nothing wrong with doing a happy dance or treating yourself to a celebratory cup of coffee for it (Sorry for being so hung up on coffee, but I can’t emphasise enough on how great the coffee at the university is). Last year, when I finally won NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month), I was ecstatic because it was the big win for me, but I felt happy every day I had hit the word count goal. So even if I hadn’t won, I would’ve still celebrated my little wins and that was something to remember with a smile on my face. Right now, I’m not working on anything, in particular, just some poems now and then or a short story, once in a while. I know I should be working on my NaNo novel, but I have put it off till Camp NaNo, where I am again counting on the writer’s community to get me through the work like it did in November.


This blog post is part of a tag #writerslifeigmar on Instagram, started by the wonderful Olivia(made to write), visit her profile here.


Thanks for reading. Comment your thoughts or writing plans below.


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