Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

First of all, I’m writing this post to express my own opinion about Valentine’s day, not the people who celebrate it, so I hope you won’t get offended if you love this pink-red day of love.

I’m not single, in fact, I’m in a long-term relationship, and I’m very much in love with him, so this post is not being written by someone who’s bitter towards other couples because they get something I don’t. My boyfriend and I share these thoughts, which works out well for both of us.And for the record, being single is so much better than being in a relationship you don’t like. And you really shouldn’t need someone to validate your worth to you because you can do it for yourself and if you badly need someone to do it for you, turn to your friends or family(ones that won’t be sarcastic). So, without further ado, here are some of the reasons:

-I feel bad for the single people out there. Many of them feel that with the overwhelming love posts in their social media feeds, the couples are rubbing their noses in it. Even couples who dislike each other feel the compulsion to upload a picture with hearts and balloons with a cliche quote for a cation. I’m not pitying anyone, I personally cringe at some posts too, so I’m in your team.


-The gifts and the flowers. I love both on separate occasions, but maybe I would’ve liked Valentine’s day better if it wasn’t so commercialised. It seems like your love is equivalent to the price tag on the things you gifted your beloved, and that just isn’t right. Another thing, why do the male counterparts have to be the one to do the grand gesture, where is the feminism now? (Don’t get offended) I just mean to say that when it comes to chivalry, there should be an equality to it that I just can’t see yet and it irks me. If you do celebrate Valentine’s day, give a thought to why this is the case and try to change it.



-Just this one day? Honestly, though, is one day enough to show your love for someone? I am a strong believer in the fact that if you really love someone, a gift, a bouquet and a box of chocolate on a specific day does not validate it. In fact, those things on any day don’t validate it. the things that actually matter are if you care for the person and whether you’re willing to be together through thick and thin. Is it enough to carpool just on environment day and use separate cars every day of the year? I thought not.


-The pink and red everywhere. I don’t hate the two colours, but too much of anything makes you sick 635909105030329930-1201306081_antiof it. Wherever I go, facebook, twitter Instagram, it’s there in overwhelming amounts, along with heart and kisses. And it’s not like it’s AIDS day or Environment Day, so why does everything have to be colour coded? Is it a worldwide ballroom dance and I didn’t get the invitation?


Once again, I apologise if I have offended someone, but this little virtual space I call my blog is a place I can freely express my opinion, I hope you understand that and respect my right to my own opinion.


What are your thoughts? Comment down below.


6 thoughts on “Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Tanya says:

    I am one of those people who pretend ‘today is just another day’ and if anyone says otherwise, I become unbearably sarcastic. Jokes aside I find this day annoying. ☺️


  2. KanrA says:

    I don’t celebrate Valentine’s either but it’s for religious reasons primarily although your reasons are also really good! They’re the reasons why I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day etc either cause like, what about the people without a mother? Is celebrating one day enough? Does that mean the rest of the year is just… not mother’s day? I personally think things like World Health Day and AIDS Day and other genuinely useful days should be properly celebrated because they actually raise awareness in society and help remove stigma from diseases that need to be treated. Anyway, that’s what I think 🙂


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