#ThisWhatAnxietyFeelsLike :My Experience

Everyone feels anxiety now and then, whether it’s a big test at school, or a presentation you have to give or even a party. However, feeling anxious can become an obstacle in living a normal and happy life, and that is something we all have to strive to overcome.

I discovered the hashtag #ThisiswhatAnxietyfeelslike last night through one of the people I follow on twitter. The creator of this viral movement to express your thoughts on anxiety is Sarah Fader, you can visit her twitter profile here.

For me, anxiety is something I feel whenever the question paper is handed to me, whenever I have to go in front of the class to say something or whenever I remember something that hasn’t been particularly pleasant, to put it mildly. Even though I’m one of those people in my class at college that speak out frequently, my voice still shakes when I stand up to say something. My temperature rises almost instantly when I see something bad coming whereas when my sister caught me texting a guy when I wasn’t supposed to, blood drained out of my face so quickly, my lips went white. She was so scared that instead of questioning me, she asked me to sit down and breathe deeply. Just to clarify, she’s 14 years elder to me, so practically a parent, which explains why I was so scared.

She herself gets anxious when she has to travel. The packing, the tickets, the calendar, all seem to shoot her anxiety.

Last night I posted a line along with the hashtag, it was: “Like you’re screaming but no one can hear.” That’s what anxiety is for me. It’s like you’re calling for help, but it’s not audible to the other people around you. In times when I’m anxious, I turn to my journal, music, my pets or sleep.


jo.pngThat’s a recent page from my current journal. And yes, the blur is on purpose.

I’ve been journaling for more than six years, and it has helped me through times of stress. When I knew I couldn’t turn to anyone in my life, my journal listened to my rants and it made me feel better to turn those anxious thoughts onto paper so I could see that I didn’t have to worry so much.


song1This has turned out to be one of my favourite songs. Ed Sheeran’s voice is amazing.

“Where words fail, music speaks”, I’ve read online and on a graffiti in my university. It is true in a way. When writing in my journal did nothing, I liked to sit back, put on my headphones and listen to my favourite tracks, and soon enough I was mouthing the words and the problem disappeared for a little while.

3.My pets

ceaser1That’s Ceaser, he’s a rottweiler. He’s much bigger now, this photo is a few months old.

I am a dog person, but this can work with any pet you have. When there’s no one around, you can talk it out to them or just cuddle up with them and feel comfortable. I’ve cried sometimes in front of my dogs and they have tried to comfort me. It feels like they understand even if they can’t say it to you.


Sleep is the best remedy to anxiety for me, personally. It helps put your conscious mind to rest and that proves to be really helpful in relieving anxiety. Once I accidentally left my journal inside a desk a school and when I realized it, I swear I was close to a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t do anything, so I did what I knew would help for a limited time: I slept.

Share your thoughts with me down below. And if you suffer from anxiety and need someone to talk to sometime, leave me a message.





20 thoughts on “#ThisWhatAnxietyFeelsLike :My Experience

  1. Tanya says:

    I am so glad you’re talking about this openly. It is inspiring. You’re inspiring. I hope that you’re better now and if you need to talk about it, I am here. I will always be. And I love the idea of journaling, I am so going to try it. So proud of you. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • wordsandsmiles says:

      Thank you for saying that. And I know you’re there for me to talk to, and I will take you up on that offer constantly. 😉
      I hope you come to love journaling as much as I do. It’s a wonderful and a terrible thing at once.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alex says:

    Fellow anxiety sufferer. All of these things are tools I use, too. I especially like to add in some Yoga (even just the most gentle when I’m super stressed), mindfulness, and have been exploring meditation practices. Learning to calm my mind has been one of the most difficult challenges of my life – it’s so empowering to see a hashtag that illuminates others’ experiences with it, too. Thanks for sharing!



  3. Sahara says:

    I used to always get nervous when it was my time to present, or even when I have to ask questions – I always used freeze up a bit and essentially repeat my question in my mind a few times before actually asking the question. I still do this sometimes, but currently I’m more outspoken compared to a few years ago.

    Also YES I completely agree, music is really an amazing escape also your song choice yes yes yes I’ve been having Ed Sheeran on loop since it came out!

    I would definitely recommend going to the gym, it’s really good for head clearing!


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  4. Sarah says:

    It’s so important to talk about this!! I’m going through treatment for anxiety at the moment, it’s the subject of my latest post. I thought I was alone until I started TALKING…then others TALK and that’s when you realise they’re all suffering as well!! Let’s keep the discussion going xx


  5. astoldbyali says:

    My anxiety was worse throughout school but I find as you get accustomed to certain stuff it’s not as triggering. Took a lot of presentations for to be okay with it, but I think that only happened because of the familiar faces. Sleep is also my go to option to clear my mind or music for a distraction. And occasionally have to remind myself to breathe and that everything is going to be okay! 🌸


  6. Sophie says:

    It’s nice to see you share what helps here and to see you honestly illustrate how you feel. I too find sleeping is a great remedy at times, plus a well rested mind works better I’ve found with myself. ❤ xx



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