Creatures of Secrets


She tells me stories

Of forgotten days

Her placid glare scares me

But I’m harmless, she says

The green eyes

Pull me in,

In the quiet room,

Away from the din.

The cream curtains

And the maroon carpet,

Hide away her secrets

All in deep scarlet.

Don’t come near, she warns

My mood isn’t so good,

I might scratch your eyes out

When you’d have no clue I could.



5 thoughts on “Creatures of Secrets

  1. Breanna Catharina says:

    I like this poem! Two of my favorite things put together, ya know? I like how much imagery you have in it with the carpets and curtains. A good excercise I like after writing a poem is reading through it to see how many words are unnecessary. Ya know, little filler words: the, it, but, etc. think you could work this into something really solid ☺️

    Breanna Catharina


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