Day : 1, NaNoWriMo 2016

Official word count target: 1667

My personal target: 2000

Word count for the day: 3055

Hey folks,

I’ve decided to blog daily about my writing process throughout this crazy month of NaNoWriMo 2016. I’ve taken part in NaNo the last three years but have failed constantly and I’ve realized it was because I didn’t outline or had any idea what my story was about. In writing lingo, I tried to pants my way through November but now I know that’s not how writing a novel is going to work for me. Short stories, yes, but not novels.

This year, I made my own index cards, outlined a few scenes and have my research all in one place. I know what my story is even if it’s not completely written now. My story is somewhere between mystery and mainstream. It’s about a 25-year-old man who finds letters from his mother, whom he’s never seen or met because he grew up in an orphanage. After reading the letters, he decides to put his soul into finding his parents.

On November 1, I was itching to start writing and get a good headstart. I started writing at 12 am, got 811 words written and went to sleep. Because I was home from college, I’m entitled to waking up late, so I woke around 11pm. I got more written through the day in short bursts through the word sprints on the NaNo official website, but at night I took part in the consecutive sprints on Twitter and got 3055 words written by 10:30pm. I am pretty happy with my word count for day 1 and hope to continue the streak for a few days.




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