Thoughts on Howl by Allen Ginsberg 

These are my thoughts on a poem called Howl. It’s a stream of consciousness piece so it’s completely unedited and I change the topic quite abruptly, sometimes. I’m pretty sure you won’t find this blogpost very interesting if you haven’t read the poem, but who knows maybe you will find that it has intrigued you to read the poem, so here goes.

Since last night I am studying this poem called Howl by Allen Ginsberg. I’ve been writing it down even thought it’s huge, becayse I analyze better when I write. It’s a very angry poem, the poet is angry at the world, at the society, because they shun the ‘best minds’ of our generations. According to him, the best minds are the drug addicts and world travellers, not the conventional best minds we would think of, going to Ivy League and going on to become lawyers and doctors. These are the people who are “purgatorized their torsos with dreams, alcohol, waking nightmares and drugs. They even tried to smuggle Marijuana from Mexico to New York city, but got busted. They talk and talk, for seventy hours and they jump off everything: bridges, the Empire State Building, even the moon. The poet seems to have a wild imagination. He says that universities i.e. Out education system, encourages wars. The poet empathizes with the homeless, saying that the night feels like a grandfather to them as they illegally travel on freight trains to the countryside. He says they write epics in the night that turn out to be scribbles in the morning. He addresses this poem to Carl Solomon, a friend at a Psychiatric institution he made when he was caught with drugs and pleaded insanity. It’s a wild poem, that’s for sure. But I like how the best minds of this generation aren’t the ones sitting in a study, or making notes in classes. 

    There is this one line that I loved:

    • A lost batallion of platonic conversationalist jumping down the stoops off fire escapes odd windowsills of Empire State out of the month, 

    That’s it. Thanks for reading. 🙂 


    Struggles of A Coffee Addled Writer and some potential Answers 

    If you want to be a writer and you’re struggling with the hows and whys, I can’t promise you that I can solve all your problems, but I can share my experience and give you company while we sit surrounded by imaginary sheets of paper scribbled on with some half formed thoughts. I can help you gather those sheets of paper, stack them up neatly, get a beverage of your choice and sit down to talk about something we both love : writing. 
    Is writing as easy as some people make it out to be? Do the words just flow onto the paper, and is it something I lack that I can’t make that happen? 

    • No. It’s not something you lack, and it’s not that easy. It can be, sometimes, when the words are coming straight from your heart. But if we talk about the craft of writing, I’m pretty sure it’s a struggle for even the best authors. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while writing. You love it, after all, don’t you? And doing something you love is supposed to bring you joy. Have fun with writing, jot down anything that comes to your mind, it’s a gold mine for getting all the great ideas. Just know that to make it better, you’ll have to come back and work on it. 

    What’s the most important things for me to know about writing as a beginner? 

    • It takes hard work. People romanticize writing as something that is all dreamy and perfect. No sir, that’s not the case. It’s something that requires long hours of hard work, sometimes days, weeks of frustration and anger oozing out, instead of creativity and ideas, but the important thing is, if you’re willing to survive all that and still strive, you may have something worthwhile waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. 

    How do I begin the writing process? 

    • If you ask 10 writers the same question, most probably all will answer differently. The catch is, no one would be wrong. What it takes to begin the writing process, is a matter of discussion. Some might say, an idea. Some might say, imagination. My answer is, the willingness to write. If you set pen to paper (fingers to your keyboard) and start pouring your thoughts onto it, I am quite confident that something in there is the idea you’ve been looking for. Freewriting is something a lot of writing coaches recommend, because it helps clear your mind, and forces your brain to make your jumbled ideas into comprehensible ones. For those who don’t know, Freewriting is writing without thinking about what you’re writing. No plan, itor outline whatsoever, it gradually turns into something subconscious and helps in tapping into your inner creativity. 

    What if you feel you don’t have the talent, or the consistency needed to be a good writer? 

    • When it comes to talent, people who have it are lucky but it isn’t necessary. Consistency, on the other hand is. Some days you won’t have the energy to pick yourself up and write, but you’ll have to do it. I’m sorry there’s no way around this, if there was, I’d be glad to let you know. And since we’re talking about self doubt, let me tell you that sometimes when I’m reading writing advice and making notes for my story, I feel like I’m a little kid in the middle of the swimming pool with floaters on my arms, my head is above the water, I’m doing something, but I feel lost too. I wonder if everyone else has a much better understanding of these themes and I’m the only clueless one grabbing onto something I can’t see. But then I remind myself that this is what I want to do, no matter what. If I’m clueless, I’ll learn the way soon enough, I won’t cease trying. 

    What do I write about when I can’t think of any ideas and the prompt aren’t working? 

    • There’s a chapter in Writing down the bones called Obsessions where Natalie tells us how every one of us have things we are obsessed with, things we try to find in stories we read. Make a list of those things (I made a Pinterest board instead), and give in to writing about them. I, personally am love with the idea of love, how humans can help each other heal, romantic dates, friends who make each other laugh, the smell of old books, the smell of new books, and a lot many things. With the list in front of you, I’m sure you will be able to conjure up an idea which will include some of those things, and the best part is that you’ll be excited to write it, after all you love those things. 

    Now take up a blank paper, and start pouring your heart out. 


    I hope this blog post was helpful, and if not that, I hope it was mildly entertaining. My awesome writer friends Jessica and Lizzie gave me two of those questions. On that note, Lizzie has just started a blog, it’d be nice if now pay her a visit. Click on her name to see her cute little blog. 

    Thanks a lot for reading, comment any topics you want me to blog about. 🙂 

    All about Writing

    Before you think things have gone stale here. Oh well, that’s a ship I couldn’t save, but I’m back again and let’s hope this little blog keeps up and running. This post is supposed to be all about writing since Camp NaNo is almost here! I’m really really excited because I’m finally going to write a novel in a genre I love: YA Realistic Fiction. 

    There’s this writing challenge on instgram called #writerslifeigjune, I’ll be using a few prompts from it for this post. So, the first is WIP synopsis:

    The theme of the story is going to be healing, because I figured a lot of people in the world deal with it, and I want my stories to help people, even one counts. It’s going to be in first person and the protagonist is going to be a girl of 17 who comes almost unscathed from an accident which damaged her friend’s leg, possibly permanently. But since the accident, she refuses to speak and barely shows any emotions. After trying everything her parents could think of, they send her to her aunt’s, to a quiet town where they hope she’ll feel less pressurized. Things happen in that town, but not exactly what her parents presumed.

    Okay, no more details, you’ll have to read the story to find out more. 😉

    Title Chapters or no: Well, honestly I don’t like titled chapters much, I prefer numbering them. Maybe Roman numbers would be cooler?

    Current read: Writing down the bones by Natalie Goldberg, but not cover to cover. Infact, I’ve asked my friends Rachel (@racheliswriting on Instagram) to pick up some random chapters for me so I can read them.

    Fighting Writer’s Block: Writing anything helps. Even if it’s lyrics of some song that has been stuck in my head or a new song that I heard yesterday. It could be writing poetry or some random words that don’t even string together as a sentence. I think all we have to do, is write.


    Thanks for reading, leave me some feedback!




    Summer ’17 Bucket List

    Hey there,

    Since summer is here, everyone has some plans, whether it’s traveling, or reading in the comfort of your own home. Mine would begin after 2nd June since that is when I’ll be done with my semester, but the excitement refuses to wait. Here’s my bucketlist:


    #1 Pick wildflowers


    #2 Make a beverage I haven’t before


    #3 Watch Full House, Silicon Valley, Gotham, Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars and a lot of movies


    #4 Write a novella/novel


    #5 Write and publish the story I’m writing with Tanya (Click on her name to check out her wonderful blog)


    #6 Read atleast 10 books (especially Sarah J Mass’s books)


    #7 Practice photography

    #8 Read about some topics I’ve been curious about, like Greek Mythology. (I have a list)


    #9 Learn basic sewing

    #10 Post letters and not tell the people about them 😉


    #11 Journal A LOT


    #12 Get back to painting and sketching


    #13 Update my blog regularly

    #14 Make a rollercoaster with my boyfriend. I have no idea how. He says he’ll show me.

    #15 Sit back and enjoy the holidays

    Thanks for reading. Let me know about your plans for the summer in the comments!


    Pictures and Poems in Monochrome

    Hey guys,

    I haven’t put up anything up here in a long time now, and it’s not fair, so here’s a photopost of some monochrome pictures I took. I had an idea to combine photography and poetry since they’re both such beautiful art forms. To maintain most of the focus on the images, I’ve kept the poetry concise.


    With my eye

    I spot

    A weary couple


    The light finds way


    we’re broken


    Music of centuries




    A Hindu deity

    A Christian candle

    flowers of humanity


    With a camera in hand

    A Million thoughts rolling

    Capturing time



    That’s it for today. Please tell me what you think in comments. 🙂


    All About Thirteen Reasons Why

    Thirteen Reasons Why. Even if you haven’t watched it, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard these words floating around the virtual world, or maybe heard it from someone you know? For those who don’t know, it’s a web series, originally released on Netflix. It’s based on a book and I strongly recommend it to every person who’s reading this. This show deals with everything people keep quiet about. Bullying, rape, suicide, it shows the dark side of being a teenager. Though the book was released in 2007, which is when Selena Gomez bought its rights, it’s finally on screen ten years later, and it is amazing.

    Here’s a blurb of the book, to get you acquainted with the story:

    You can’t stop the future.
    You can’t rewind the past.
    The only way to learn the secret . . . is to press play.

    Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a strange package with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker–his classmate and crush–who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Hannah’s voice tells him that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he’ll find out why.

    Clay spends the night crisscrossing his town with Hannah as his guide. He becomes a firsthand witness to Hannah’s pain, and as he follows Hannah’s recorded words throughout his town, what he discovers changes his life forever

    Now onto what I think of the characters:

    Image result for 13 reasons why characters posters

    Hannah: Throughout the series, even though I was well aware of the end, I kept hoping someone would save her. Some issues she deals with may look small when viewed individually, but as Hannah mentions, it’s a snowball effect. One thing on top of another and it became big enough for her to end her life.

    Image result for 13 reasons why posters

    Justin Foley: I got a bad feeling as soon as he was introduced to the story, he gave those vibes. Even though he was good to Hannah at first, my heart broke when he ruined what could be one of the best moments of her life. But I did feel bad for him when we got to know about his mother and what his house was like. But unfortunately, there’s no excuse for what he let happen.

    Image result for 13 reasons why characters posters

    Alex Standall: Alex wasn’t really bad. He was revengeful towards his ex-girlfriend, but aren’t most people? He did start something terrible, though. What I like about him is that he realized what he did, and wanted to fix things, at least what was left that could be fixed.

    Image result for 13 reasons why posters


    Jessica Davis: *deep breath* I personally think that she was one of the worst characters in the show. Even though people have good reason to believe otherwise, I know how Jessica was someone who could hurt Hannah the most, because she was her closest friend. I will always hate her for that.

    Image result for 13 reasons why posters

    Tyler Down: He was just an outcast. I do feel bad for him, even though he made Hannah feel unsafe in her own house. He is the awkward guy, the freak, that everyone bullies at school, someone no one wants to befriend, and that makes me sad.

    Image result for 13 reasons why courtney crimson poster

    Courtney Crimson: I think everyone can agree that she was horrible. I hate people who would hurt as many people as it takes, just to protect their ‘goody two shoes’ reputation. She could’ve saved Hannah, but then again, all of them could have.

    Image result for 13 reasons why marcus cooley poster

    Marcus Cooley: Marcus was Courtney’s counterpart, in a way. From what I know, he was just an asshole who wanted to sleep with Hannah because of the rumours and that damned list.

    Image result for 13 reasons why zach dempsey poster

    Zach Dempsey: He wasn’t bad at heart, he just did something petty that made the snowball rolled faster, faster to run over Hannah. I otherwise would like to believe that he was a good guy, just in the wrong group of people.

    Image result for 13 reasons why characters posters

    Ryan Shaver: He left Hannah’s raw emotions for the world to joke upon. I did hate him, but not as much as the others. I don’t think he published Hannah’s poem as a cruel joke, I really think he did it because he thought it was a beautiful poem with raw emotions that deserved recognition. But I know that doesn’t excuse the fact that he did it without Hannah’s permission.

    Image result for 13 reasons why sheri holland poster

    Sheri Holland: I don’t hate her like the others. She was a teenager who knew she messed up and was scared. I know what she did led to something terrible, and she could’ve prevented that, which is the only reason she was on the tapes.

    Image result for 13 reasons why posters

    Bryce Walker: I don’t think there are enough words to express how horrendous this person was. He was a bully and a rapist. A rapist who said, “every girl asks fo it”. I think we all can agree that he is a hateful person who really needs to get what he deserves. How can someone be such an ignorant asshole, who thinks he’s always right? Bryce showed us how.

    Image result for 13 reasons why Mr. porter poster

    Mr.Porter: I really had hopes from him, he let all of us down, didn’t he? The words Hannah said were serious enough for him to sit through school hours and make her tell him what was wrong. She badly needed someone to fix things for her, and being the counselor, it was his job to try.

    As Hannah said, “Some of you cared, none of you cared enough.”

    Image result for 13 reasons why Tony poster

    Tony: He wasn’t on the tapes, but he deserves to be on this list. Tony is a great friend, and he feels responsible for Hannah even though he didn’t actively do anything. But he let it happen, and it eats at him every day, which is why he is determined to honour Hannah’s memory and keep the tapes going their way.

    Image result for 13 reasons why Mr. porter poster

    Clay: Now we’re onto the person with whom we experienced Hannah’s story. He was such a nice person and my heart breaks for him. He loved her, and he couldn’t save her. He lost her because he was too afraid to love her. I get Clay’s anger, his storming out, his stopping the basketball game, keying Zach’s car, clicking Tyler’s photo, everything. Because I was just as angry when I heard how those people led Hannah to do what she did. I hope Clay gets some respite in the fact that he would never hold his love back for anyone.


    I hope everyone watches this show, and realize what a huge difference they can make in someone’s life.


    My wonderful friend Tanya has also written a blogpost on this show, and how it is important that people watch it. Go and read it here. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


    Go watch it now if you haven’t, and if you have, leave me your thoughts below.

    Love,                                                                                                                                                         Punya





    Kicking Off Camp NaNo and Freelancing!

    The first day of Camp NaNoWriMo! I’ve written two poems with their related text. One is about a boy who likes stars and develops an interest in astronomy. The twinkling of the stars fascinates him. They were his only company on lonely nights, and he wanted to understand them better. He gets encyclopaedias and any kind of material he can and pores over it religiously.

    The stars gave him company

    On lonely sleepless nights

    A little boy of five

    Hugging his pillow tight

    These are the starting lines of the poem. It is just the first draft so there may be major changes later when I get to editing it.

    The other one was about a group of children in an old classroom. They are unaware of the earthquake approaching them and their laughter fills the air, bringing cheeriness even in the sad and crumbling room. I’m not putting up that one because it needs more revision than the previous one.

    I don’t do bullet journaling, but I do journal, so I made a wordtracker in it, which will record my wordcount at the end of each day, the number of poems I wrote any description I want to include.


    I switched my cabin on the website and now it’s a more active one, which I’m glad of. I have a group of fellow participants on instagram who are very very supportive of each other, and all of us exchange regular updates of our writing processes. I love the online writing community to bits and pieces.

    Also, I started freelancing and am writing articles. It’s a completely new experience for me, and I’m liking it so far. I’m excited about working and earning on my own, I suddenly feel like an adult. I’m home for the weekend, as always, but instead of Monday I’ll be going back on Wednesday. I’ll miss the coffee I get at my university, but home=good food.

    What’re you upto? Let me know in the comments down below. 🙂